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The company Maec87 s.r.l. was established in September 2004 and is the continuation of other companies of the Montanari family, which has been operating in the real estate sector since 1960. After the untimely blindness of his father, Comm. Attilio Montanari, in 1973, his son Angelo Montanari, current sole director of the Maec 87 continued the activity in the various sectors of construction with building buildings, subdivisions and especially in the sale and restoration and renovation of buildings cataloged as "National Monuments". These buildings are of the Italian neoclassic and some even of earlier periods, with frescoes by the headmaster Gian Felice Giani, Galamini, Liverani and others including the eccentric Stoppone.  Gian Felice Giani, head coach, has painted in famous of Rome, Florence, Bologna  palaces and also in the villas on the lakes of the Veneto and Lombardy  regions. The experience has always matured for direct execution of the constructions and the restorations with staff directly reporting to the company and / or construction companies belonging to the Montanari family, in particular to Mr. Angelo Montanari, who in fact took over the business since 1973.

The company Maec 87 s.r.l. is engaged in the building sector with the recovery of historic buildings and new buildings and has recently patented an innovative building system for new buildings to be used as homes, offices, kindergartens, schools and barracks. Maec87 system has been conceived to make the construction of buildings much faster without resorting to labor of great experience, with considerable reduction of costs and investment times, without losing the needs of safety and meeting the needs of the wealthiest customers. for finishes and construction features. This system was conceived as an alternative to the construction of prefabricated buildings, which are usually only makeshift solutions or to quickly resolve sudden needs, also a consequence of catastrophic events. The ease of construction and availability of components on all markets in the world and its flexibility to the styles make it particularly interesting to solve the housing and urban needs in areas of the world where new urbanization must solve the big problems of slums and favelas .



The building system “Easy HOUSE” is designed to allow the construction of fabricated that are earthquake-resistant and not-flammable, achievable by unskilled labor thanks to its easy execution.
The system is also adaptable to buildings with several floors and custom project. There is no need large construction equipment and construction times are remarkably short. The buildings have thermal and acoustic insulation corresponding to the highest possible standards and with materials readily available in any market.

The society Maec87 srl with the presentation of the preliminary design will ensure the realization of the project structural, the supply of the structural elements and the necessary documents for obtaining the permits for those structures.

The final characteristics of buildings will be equal or superior to those of buildings made using traditional techniques and the costumer could choose the finishes.





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