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Angelo Montanari

“The Maec 87 system” was a system we developed to make it much faster yet structurally solid to construct different buildings without resorting to massive building equipments and does not require extra experience. Not only does it significantly reduce time but it is also costs effective. This system was also designed as an alternative to the construction of prefabricated buildings
that generally are always a last resort to resolve quickly and often unexpected needs. The ease of performance and the availability of raw material
components in all markets of the world and its adaptability to styles make it particularly interesting to address the housing needs of the world especially in construction of low-cost housing schemes to resolve the problems of the slums.
As described above society Maec 87 Ltd would be happy to work in your country in collaboration with the government and any local company in PARTNERSHIP with local businesses. We are also ready willing to train and transfer this knowhow to local artisans.

About Us


The Company Maec 87 Ltd. was established in September 2004 and is acontinuation of other companies within the Montanari family, which started operation in real estate construction business since 1960.
After the death of our father, Mr Comm..Attilio Montanari in 1986 his son Angelo Montanari, who is the current managing director of the Maec 87 Ltd continued its activities in the various sectors of the construction with construction of new buildings, and especially in the sale of buildings classified as " National Monuments "and their restructuring. Most of these buildings are all of Italian neoclassical monuments, with designs by the famous Gian Felice Giani and many others who have all worked all over Italy.
We acquired more experience in construction by working and collaborating directly with other great construction companies. With the construction headed by the Montanari family.

Now the company Maec 87 Ltd is currently operating in the rehabilitation and restructure of historical buildings in city centers and has recently patented an innovative construction system for building new buildings to be used in various construction, housing estates, kindergartens, schools, barracks, office buildings, etc.

Our Goals

The soc.Maec87 s.r.l. wants to bring its know-how to the knowledge of the administrations of the developing countries and in partnership with construction companies of those countries to expand its range of action beyond the Italian territory and with it the Italian aesthetic style and the characteristics and needs that make the most qualified Italian real estate in the world.

Our Market

The soc. Maec87 s.r.l. being the patent of recent presentation has been for few months taking contacts with operators in the construction industry in various countries and also with large Italian companies operating in various areas of the world. Our goal is also to disseminate it for its technical characteristics, anti-seismic, fireproof and insulating, able to solve the many problems of constructive fragility at the atmospheric events of wooden buildings.

Our General Maneger

The president Angelo Montanari covers for now all the tasks for the management and development of the company especially as regards the disclosure of the patented constructive system "Easy House" and its marketing, in particular in transmitting with instructors under its construction technique to construction companies that want to adopt the system. The experience gained in over 40 years of work in the most qualified and difficult construction sectors of the president and general manager Mr. Angelo Montanari, make it essential for now the concentration of the various positions under his direct responsibility.

Our Team

Our company is composed of the president Angelo Montanari, an administrative manager, commercial consultants and legal consultants and as a technical staff by  Doct. Arch. Lucia Carlesi  , Doct. Ing Francesco Errichiello e Doct Ing. Alberto Montanari, a shareholder of soc Maec87 s.r.l. and from a team of young engineers. It also makes use of technical consultants, engineers and architects who have been working for Maec87 s.r.l.

Technician Coordinators

The task of technical coordination and structural design of each individual building is by Doct. Arch. Lucia Carlesi, Doct. Ing Francesco Errichiello and  Doct. Ing.  Alberto Montanari who makes use of the most complex buildings of the collaboration of university teaching engineers with proven experience.

Responsible for legal and commercial affairs

The manager of commercial and legal affairs for Italy and for all foreign countries is Dott.  Lawyer Stefano Musca assisted by staff with knowledge of the ​​English, French, Spanish and German language.

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Address: 48018 Via E. Torricelli, 13 Faenza (Ra) Italy

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